I’m Darrel Pontejo, a man of discipline, passion and dedication. I live my life in three different areas – An SEO Specialist, A Musician, and A Family Man. It’s not easy, and I admit, it’s goddamn hard! Soooo hard! Can’t explain it in words… So what’s my secret?

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About Me


Darrel Pontejo | SEO in the Philippines

So what’s my secret? Let’s start with Self-discipline.


I’ve been practicing this trait for such a long time, hoping to master it someday. By the way, can we really master self-discipline?

As a person bombarded with numerous obligations, self-discipline is the key. However, it’s not easy. Practicing it on a daily basis is like torturing your self. It’s absolutely frustrating, irritating, exasperating, and extremely difficult. But I have to do it. Why? To keep my life organized and well-balanced.

I believe in the power of self-discipline. It transcends almost everything – job, creative endeavors, relationships, and so on. Without this trait, a person can’t become the best version of himself. Without this trait, an individual may experience difficulty in accomplishing a task on time. And without this precious trait, a man can’t surely balance his family time, work time, and PLAY TIME (Passion).

Play Time Means Passion

For me, my ‘Play Time’ doesn’t mean playing random games like the majority does (sorry, no offense). Of course, we all love to play something for fun or anything that can fulfill our soul. It just happens that I didn’t play any gaming stuff, except MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS.  

Music has been my companion ever since. The day I’ve fallen in love with it was a turning point. My vision became vivid and my desire to achieve greatness became more intense. Eventually, I picked up the guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. Learning those instruments has developed my ability to stay focused and patient. My creativity was heightened and my comprehension evolved.

In short, playing music has become my Play Time – my passion. I want to share you a glimpse of my adventures as a music man. Visit the next page. Click this – www.darrelpontejo/music.com

Wearing the badge of Dedication

Dedication is when you work on something with intense desire and extreme perseverance. It involves sheer devotion and is powered by an unexplainable drive. It’s a feeling when you want to finish a certain task even if you’re tired and stressed out. For you, if you stop doing the task, you’ll be disappointed and unfulfilled. This is Dedication… I wear it everyday.

What do you think?

They say I’m serious, unspoken, and sometimes weird. Uhm… let me fix this one.

First thing, I’m not weird. I’m just a little bit different because I see things differently. If that’s a negative experience, I see it as a lesson to learn. If it’s a failure, I consider it as a new source of human energy. I’m not weird. I’m not.

Second thing, I’m not actually serious. I just can’t stand irrelevant conversations and non-sense people. I ignore people who are pessimistic and close-minded. But when it comes to work, being serious is priceless. It’s a different story.  

By the way, I’m a graduate of Computer Engineering, a satisfied married man and have a one lovely daughter. My family is my inspiration and my limitless source of motivation.

Before leaving this page, allow me to show you what I do for a living. Here’s the link, www.darrelpontejo/SEO.com