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Why Use PHP Web Development Services for Business Sites: The Essential Reasons

Website development, more than ever, needs to evolve into a service that offers dynamic interface. This is mainly due to the fact that a large percentage of business companies now thrive online. As a result, to stay on top of search engine ranking, sites must modify their content regularly.

Because of PHP web development services, provided for by programmers and developers, taking your business site from static to dynamic is now possible. The truth is, even before business websites flourished, PHP was already a part of the internet scene. However, not a lot know the benefits of such services.

For those who are still unaware of the advantages of PHP for your website, here is a list on why you should make the switch, as enumerated by JOSIC. Who knows? Your online page might just become the next Facebook, which is incidentally using the said service.


The beauty of PHP lies in its cost because the fact is that your business won’t have to shell out a single penny for the program. This web development service is considered an open source which means it can be used free of charge. The only aspects you have to pay for are services of developers, who should be extremely skilled in web languages like Java.

Return on Investment

All companies have two main goals, to gain more clients and earn more income. In competitive industries, the main purpose of business websites is to get noticed by online users. Because PHP web development is dynamic, your site is sure to get more visitors and more traffic can easily be converted to clients.

Supply and Demand

This simply means that hiring PHP web developers isn’t challenging at all. Because of the popularity of the web development service, programmers skilled in the said scripting language are plenty. You wouldn’t have to search for days to find the one who can help you in creating your domain.

Website Upload Time

One turn off for online users is the ever so slow loading time of a website. This problem could lead into losing potential clients and income for your business. However, if you use PHP web development script, this detriment won’t trouble you. It processes everything quickly and so your site’s loading time won’t be a problem.  Faster upload equals happier visitors.

Website Security

As the World Wide Web evolves, its stumbling block progresses with it. Virus and malware remain to be the biggest threats in the internet to date. Fortunately, using PHP script provides your site with quite a lot of security layers that protect it from malware and virus attacks.


PHP script language is versatile enough that it can support all the main web browsers. This trait of this particular web development service is especially significant because various visitors to your business site don’t use the same browser. Therefore, if your domain is compatible with the most used ones, you can attract more visitors. As mentioned earlier, more visitors equate to more clients.
PHP web development services have been around since 1995. This means that thousands of websites have been created using this script language. The most famous of these is Mark Zuckerberg’s still popular baby, Facebook. Simply put, PHP has been tried by the test of time so you can completely trust it to catapult your business site to the top.

Tips to Secure a Web Development Job – Junior Web Developer

Being a junior web developer may be more challenging compared to pros in the business. However, you can still gain clients or be employed by a company.

This particular industry is as cutthroat as it can get given its popularity these days. Nevertheless, many still pursue a web development job. If you’re a starting web developer and a little confused on the first step to take, here are helpful tips that can help you land your first employment.

Portfolio Site

The keyword here is ‘site.’ Since you’re getting in the IT industry, it is crucial that the portfolio you’re building is posted in your own website. Whether it’s a full .com site or simply a WordPress blog, a catalogue of your work should be seen on the internet.

When building your portfolio, it should be a reflection of your skills and traits. This is the initial element possible clients and employers look for in a junior web developer.

Posting Previous Projects

Companies and clients love to see previous work done. This is why the experts in web development keep getting more job offers.

If you think a junior web developer doesn’t stand a chance in this certain matter, think again. Surely, when you were still studying in this said field, you may have done some work. You can make these projects your starting point.

Remember that stuffing your site with previous assignments can take some time, so you need some patience. At the same time, you can do freelance projects so you can add these to your catalogue of works. Volunteer to do a web development project for someone you know. This way, you’re not just rounding out your folio, you’re also improving your work experience.

Github Account

If you’re looking to secure a job in an established web development company, you should create an account on Github. This is an industry’s standard for version control.

If you have an account on this site, regardless if you’re simply a junior web developer, companies will get the idea that you’re skillful in using the tool. This means you’re making a good impression.

After creating a Github account, post your best code in your site. This is to prove your expertise. On the other hand, this doesn’t end with creation. Do regular updates so that people viewing it will know that you’re always working to improve your craft.

Open Source Project

Another great way to pack your portfolio with credentials is to lend a hand in open source projects. This is especially helpful if most of your posted previous works are from class and mock projects.

Engaging in open source projects boosts your teamwork credentials. This is an important factor if you’re looking to land a job in a company. Github posts open source projects you can look into and  participate in.

Constant Learning

Learning doesn’t stop once you finish your course. Many clients and employers appreciate it if you continually learn new tricks in the industry. If you do this, it wouldn’t matter much if you’re just a junior web developer.

You can participate in web conferences or seminars that tackle IT subjects. You also need to constantly read on the latest in the web development world. Read blogs. Join free courses. Participate in anything that you know can enhance your IT skills.

Doing these things will let possible clients and employers know that you’re truly enthusiastic and passionate in the industry you’re delving into. With these tips, you’re on your way to securing your dream web development job.

Improving SEO Ranking of Aggregate News

Improving SEO ranking has become quite the focus of countless website owners. Some of the most SEO-conscious sites are those that post aggregate news, which many entrepreneurs use to gain big bucks from the World Wide Web.

Many people earn their living writing about the latest updates in the world of politics, sports and Hollywood life without having to interview direct sources. All they need to do is look for primary news sources in the internet and retell the story. All this is done in the hopes of getting the search engine optimization ranking the company hopes for.

Writing aggregate news may sound simple for a lot of individuals. However, without following the basic rules of SEO for such type of written work you may find your news article not ranking.

Worse, your website might even be penalized by Google for violating rules.

Hence, if you want to get into news writing for such websites, you need to know the basic rules to avoid having your article go through a series of edits.

SEO and Page Title

In most CMS of aggregate news, you will find two title types to be filled – SEO title (Headline) and the page title. The former is crucial when it comes to Google News ranking.

When thinking of a title that will boost the news’ visibility on search engines, choose the keywords that people would normally type in Google. For instance, you’re writing the latest update on Emma Watson being a feminist.

Some might think of writing this as the headline: Emma Watson on Feminism: ‘It’s About Women’s Choices!This headline gives the reader an idea of what the article is about but won’t bode too well if you want traffic to the site. It can be a great page title (the headline that appears on the news page itself), however.

SEO title for this can be: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Star Emma Watson Talks about Women’s Choices and Gender Equality’

Capitalize on the popularity of Beauty and the Beast and since Emma is a star of the film such headline is acceptable. You can also use Harry Potter instead of the Disney film. Another important tip, keep the number of words for the SEO title between 10 and 17.

Keyword Usage

In the above example of aggregate news headline, the main keyword is Emma Watson and Beauty and the Beast is a sub-keyword. In writing the meta description always mention the two for SEO ranking. The summary of the article should at least be 25 words and not exceed 32. Just briefly state what the news is about.

In the article’s body, mention the entire main keyword in the introduction and may be once at the end. Don’t stuff every paragraph with ‘Emma Watson.’ Google does not tend to like that. When pertaining to the actress, you can simply use Watson in some sentences or use ‘The Beauty and the Beast star.’ You can also use British actress as a replacement for her name.

Citing Sources

Some aggregate news sites allow citing just one source for the entire article. However, if you’re conscious of Improving SEO ranking, always cite at least two sources. Make sure you hyperlink them in your article.

The rule in hyperlinking can be confusing but the best way to do it is to mention the name of the site you got the info from. Here is an example: According to ET, the British actress… Hyperlink the original article on ET.

Another guideline in citing sources is to attach the links at least a hundred words apart. You also need to remember to not hyperlink on the first or last paragraph of the article.


Since almost all aggregate news articles are second-hand information, you’re only rewriting what has already been previously written. This is easy for individuals who have mastered the art of rephrasing. Others, unfortunately, fall into the trap of copy pasting most of the original articles.

Google doesn’t tolerate plagiarism and any site that does this, even in just a small percent of their articles, is penalized heavily by the popular search engine.

Copy-paste should only be done with direct quotations. Don’t overdo this either. Keep quotes to 20% of the entire article.

Working in the aggregate news industry can be quite rewarding especially for Asians. Just always abide by these search engine optimization ranking tips to make your job a little less daunting.

Tips to Make the Most Out of Social Media Marketing

Social media is no longer solely about connecting with friends and family. It evolved into a mighty tool that includes product promotion as one of its services. Countless businesses, small or established, already do business marketing on social media sites.

On the other hand, if you want to use social media marketing to boost your sales and promote your brand, having a Facebook or Instagram page isn’t enough. Merely creating account in these sites don’t equal to acquiring more customers or clients.

What is it exactly that you need to do to benefit from marketing through social media? Here are the most helpful tips you must practice:

Share posts at the most ideal time.

So you have some ads you want to share. Make sure to post them at the perfect time. This is the most basic tip on business marketing on social media.

The ideal time is when most people are on the said social media site, surfing its contents. If you want most of your Facebook followers to see your posts, check Insights. Here, you will find data stats that show you when most of the page likers are online. You surely want to post your ads at these times so more likers can see them.

At the same time, there are online tools that can help analyze the best times for you to share posts depending on the location of your business. Why are these useful? If you post marketing ads on social media sites during the optimum times, you can gain more clients, aside from your current followers.

Use the right keywords.

Choosing the right keywords to go with your ad is highly significant. Many social media users tend to type words they’re looking for on the search area. Therefore if you use the specific keywords, your posts will appear when someone searches for that particular inquiry.

For instance, you’re posting a photo or video marketing ad about your business product. It is good to include a link of your website to the social media post, but don’t end there. Write a short but informative statement on the post as well and make sure to introduce the specific related keyword.

Strategies vary for different platforms.

Although social media sites showcase your business to a bigger audience, using one business marketing strategy solely on all platforms may not be a sound decision. After all, these sites were built for different purposes.

A picture ad may work more on Instagram but may not have the same effect on other platforms. Therefore you need to strategize the marketing type to use. The great thing about these social media sites is you can experiment which approach to use. Test the waters. Try different strategies. See which has the highest turnout and stick to it.

Sometimes it pays to pay.

Most of the time small businesses avoid paying to advertise their brand. This is why many resort to organic tactics for promotion. However, there are instances where you might consider shelling out some money for ads.

A few social media platforms already offer the purchasing of ads on their sites. This is always a good business marketing strategy. It is an opportunity to reach out to more site users who are oblivious of your brand’s existence and draw more traffic to your page.

Given that social media marketing is here to stay, the above list of tips will surely help you take your business to the cyber level and achieve your advertising goals.

How to Land Clients in the Web Development Industry

Your success in the website development business is a mix of both your technical skills and customer-relations qualities. Although the success of a project runs high on your ability to produce excellent results, customers also gravitate to you more if you know have exceptional personal attributes.

In the web development industry, you have the opportunity to create designs and bring them to life. Through this, you can reach a vast audience through the internet. At the same time, you also work closely with your clients and make sure that all their ideas are taken into account.

To ensure that you don’t turn away your possible and current clients, you need to have the following non-skills qualities:


Competence in the website development business is highly desired but not sufficient to acquire clients, especially if you’re working freelance. You may be a service provider employed to develop a website, but remember that you’re also an associate. With your skills, you deliver the clients’ concepts into life. Your dependability, on the other hand, makes you see the project through to the end.

Developing a website is not a one-week job especially if the project specifics are elaborate. Because of this, you have to work with the clients for a long time. As such, you need to earn their trust. If you do so, your relationship with them will run smoothly and you become more self-assured with your project decisions.


Being passionate in the job, regardless of the industry you’re in, brings about success. Without enthusiasm for the web development business, work morals and traits become askew. This is when things can start going haywire.

Clients can be very intuitive and if they sense that you’re not passionate, you may end up not having recommendations from them. You know what this means. No additional projects equal no profit. So, you may end up broke and be out of business in no time.

Good Track Record

People, who are looking for web developers, always hire those with stellar previous work experience. In the web development business, your sample portfolio means nothing if you haven’t worked with real clients. This is especially true for web guys, who have been in the industry for some time already.

Truth is not having a good track record is a red flag for potential clients. Some might end up thinking you have stinking work ethics if you have excellent talent but haven’t actually worked with anyone yet. In addition, if you have previously worked with other people, be prepared if the prospective clients ask for a list of previous jobs. When this happens, it means that they will do a background check on you.

Collaboration Skills

As what was previously mentioned, being in the web development business means working with other people. In some situations, meeting with clients are regular. Because of this, you should have great collaboration and communication skills.

For instance, the clients have concerns about where the design is going. The only way for you to understand their inquiries and for them to comprehend your clarifications is if you can get your points across clearly. Better communication equals happy clients.

If you possess the intrinsic traits to be in the web development industry, couple this with competent web developer skills, your clients are sure to stay. Plus, more people may end up hiring you for web design projects in the future.

Meta description: Being in the web development industry requires technical skills. However, it also requires intrinsic traits. Read these qualities and here.

Essential Web Developer Qualities: Find the Best Ones Today

One of the most in demand occupations today is in the web development industry. This is largely thanks to the fact that the World Wide Web drastically changed how business dealings and information dissemination are executed. Web professional suddenly became the most sought after individual to assist website owners achieve their goals. However, with many people claiming they’re the best industry, how exactly will you be able to find the best ones?

Identifying web developer qualities is your ultimate ticket to sorting out the top class apples from the rotten ones. These traits, however, don’t include technical skills. They’re more of the personal characteristics of the professional. Remember, a developer’s work ethic is just as important as his web development skills.

Therefore, if you’re in the hunt for a professional in web development industry, here are the basic but essential qualities you should look for:

Enthusiastic about the Project

There are tons of web developers nowadays. Whether they are doing freelance or a part of a web development company, more and more get enticed to work in the said industry. One way of finding out whether the professional is great or not is to gauge his or her enthusiasm in working with you.

Having passion for the job is crucial. This tells you that the developer will tackle the project with positivity and interest. This is why it is important to contact a web developer before hiring. This way you will be able to weigh if he or she is excited to work with you.

Personal meet ups are always suggested but if you’re planning to outsource, at least have a Skype interview, video or voice call. If the developer doesn’t seem excited at all to be working on your proposal, it is time to look for someone else who does.

Superb Collaboration Skills

Aside from being passionate, a web development professional should be ready to collaborate with you on the project. However, this goes both ways. In this industry, you should also be willing to put your suggestions out there and listen to ideas, as well.

If the developer solely relies on your recommendations without putting anything on the table, that is a huge red flag. This may mean that the individual is not enough of an expert in web development. At the same time, the unwillingness to collaborate could pose more bumps later on if you decide to hire the developer. So, better be wary.


It’s extremely important to hire a professional who is really experienced in the web development industry. Someone who knows what he or she is doing gives you that certain ease that your website will be fine and will be created with all your goals in mind.

However, it is also awfully imperative to hire someone sincere, too. No matter how skilled a developer is, if you can’t make yourself trust the person, then that is enough reason not to hire him or her. If you do, chances are you will never get into the same page with the developer and this ultimately leads to bigger problems in the course of the project.

At the end of the day, the personal web developer qualities are just as significant as the technical skills. These are what make the client-developer relationship run smoothly. For this reason, always take these traits into account when hunting for a web development professional.  

The Effect of Changing Web Page URL to Website SEO Ranking and How to Fix It

Website owners, these days, give much importance to the SEO ranking of their internet domain. This doesn’t come as a shock since landing on the first page of search engines such as Google has its significant advantages. For bloggers and web development novices, however, one of the main concerns has something to do with changing the webpage URL of the site. One of the most common questions being asked about website SEO ranking is whether the changing of URL slugs could negatively affect it or not. The truth of the matter is it can. However, it depends on a few things.

According to a few website experts, Google does not care much for the URL when weighing the site’s rank. This may be true to some extent. If your website has just been created then you decide to fiddle with the URL, you won’t expect much of a change since the domain is still building up on its credibility. Therefore, if you want to modify URL for SEO ranking, do so while you’re still in the early stages of website development.

On the other hand, if your webpage is already ranking well for particular keywords on Google then you suddenly decide to alter your URL you will experience a significant drop in your SEO standing. I know someone who is new to the SEO world. That person read that adding the right keywords to the URL of a website can improve its position on search engines.

Thinking that this tip could benefit the website, this individual modified the URL. The internet domain in question was already in the top 20 mark on Google for the particular keywords. However, after the change, the webpage went from number 9 to 18 in a matter of days in spite the fact that web managers had been doing all the significant promotional methods to improve the ranking, it still dropped. So what exactly happened?

The URL used by the marketing staff in their online promotions was still the old one. Now, since the SEO novice changed the address of the website, Google did not pick it up. Thus, this changes the ranking. Basically, when people clicked the link on the ad, the page that appeared is a dead page. Usually modified URLs that had been clicked are sent to a page which states “HTTP Error 404 – File not found”.

If this error wasn’t corrected as soon as possible, not only would Google not pick it up but potential online visitors would stop checking out the site altogether. This will hurt the webpage in the long run. Is the effect reversible?

The answer to this is yes. The person who changed the website URL was able to realize the result of the action just in time. For this reason, the address was reverted back to the old one and once links to it were clicked, the right page opened. Therefore as a tip, if you find yourself in the same predicament but don’t have experts working on your site, simply do what the SEO novice did but do so ASAP.

Also, if you’re working with a team of website development experts, ask them to create a site that shows the homepage instead of “Forbidden 404” when the original URL is modified. Some sites are like this especially if a certain page of the domain has been deleted. This way SEO ranking won’t be affected as much.

Lastly, if you plan on changing the URL, have a web developer work on the redirect from old to new as soon as you made the alteration. The website SEO ranking may still be affected after the change but at least the visitor to your page can see the real page he or she hopes to check. You will still get the traffic you need to improve your website’s rank.