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Are you a businessman? Do you sell products? Do you provide services? Do you want your company to grow? Do you want to reach more customers? Do you want to outrank competitors?


If all your answers are YES, well good news! I am definitely the man that you need! With my skills in SEO and Web Development, and your mindset in growing your business, we could work wonders for your business.


Almost every business in this modern era owns a website that provides accessibility to their customers and help lines with regards to their products and services. Having a website at this point of time is really a matter to take into consideration, especially if you want to grow the number of consumers that you want to reach.

So what do you think? If you are still in doubt, click on “MY WORKS” at the upper right corner of the page to check my list of work for reference and samples of what I can offer you.

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Frequently Asked Question

SEO has been transforming user experience and content quality since year 1999. With this much change in the industry, you are probably wondering if you are still on the right track with your strategy. 

Here are the most frequently asked questions with regards to SEO:

How can I be on Google’s first page?

There is no secret formula to getting a first page rank. Google highly takes into favor those websites with significant keywords and high quality developed content. Merely placing keywords multiple times will not do good for you but will only hurt your rankings instead.

How much will SEO cost?

The price of SEO can vary depending on who is offering the service and for a great reason. Those who offer SEO for a lower price usually use improper SEO techniques which could backfire at you. It is better to get someone whose price is high but has a great experience, ethics and effectiveness in the industry.

How long will the results show?

There is no specific length of time for the results to show. Some companies see improvements within a few months while others take a year or more. Some take longer since it needs the recovery from a Google penalty or tidy up their backlinks and contents.

Why did my rankings dropped?

Search rankings always fluctuate. It could increase or decrease anytime, but if you noticed a significant drop of ranking then it might be because of an increase in competition under certain search terms, bad backlinks or low quality of content.

Why am I not ranking good when I have lots of links to my website?

It is quality over quantity. No matter how many backlinks you have, if Google sees that it is irrelevant then it would not be much helpful. If you want to be acknowledged as a reliable and knowledgeable company, then you would need to obtain links from authoritative websites in your industry to imply this.

Why do I need SEO?

You need SEO because you need to optimize your web presence and visibility, build better branding for you, increase online credibility and trust, and most importantly to grow your business. Reach more customers and be available to everyone.

Should I get an SEO Specialist?

In hiring an SEO Specialist could be either internally or externally. Both ways are actually helpful as long as the specialist that you took knows the modern rules of SEO, because if they don’t, then it can be dangerous for you.

Will blogging help SEO?

Most definitely! For every new content that you make is yet another opportunity for you to rank higher with a specific keyword related to your business. To be able to get a wider reach across the industry’s search results, you need to create blogs of higher-quality.

How will I attract more audience to my website?

Through the presence building on local listing websites and setting up a Google My Business account, when users make a geographic-based search they will be presented with a company’s location and contact information.

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