I’m Darrel Pontejo, a man of discipline, passion and dedication. I live my life in three different areas – An SEO Specialist, A Musician, and A Family Man. It’s not easy, and I admit, it’s goddamn hard! Soooo hard! Can’t explain it in words… So what’s my secret?

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The Music Man

I was 16 years old when I found myself strumming the guitar. It’s a turning point in my life, as they say. But it’s not easy of course, mastering a music instrument requires passion and dedication. Good thing, I found my passion, which is music, and I developed an extraordinary dedication along the way. These two indispensable traits have been my forceful weapons throughout my music journey.

I have played for a couple of bands with different genres; reggae, alternative rock, R&B, soul music, grunge, punk, and metal. Those experiences have helped me expand my consciousness not just in music, but also on how the said art impacts the world and humanity. I’ve learned to value any kind of music and to become open-minded to any idea that is music-based.

My years of playing music led me to become the bassist of a Philippine Metalcore band, Backstabells www.facebook/backstabells.com. I have side projects as well, being the bassist of a post-grunge alternative rock band, Pecular, and the second guitarist of a progressive deathcore band, Remnants of Catacombs.

We can have a session together, or a short jam! Why not? Drop me a message!