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SEO Client - Muscle media

full seo - seo on their client
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Muscle Media is all about digital marketing, services they could provide and how they help your business in this digital world. The aid they required of me is full SEO on their website and SEO on their client.



CLient Name
  • wes york
  • their client task
  • Improve Search Engine Presence for high search volume Keywords.
  • Improve Organic traffic to a Global Target
  • gathering an audience in social media
  • social media management brisbane – top 56
  • digital marketing company brisbane – top 56
  • seo company in brisbane – top 88
  • digital marketing brisbane – top 70
  • brisbane search engine optimization top 95
  • and many more! Check below
project goal
  • working on their client
  • keyword ranking improvment
  • increse website traffic
  • onpage task
  • increase local search engine visibility
  • increase social media audience
  • Competitor analysis
  • keyword research
  • technical seo
  • onpage optimization
  • link building

udpated ranking

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