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Questions to Ask Your New SEO Client (Part 1)

Getting a new client can always be exciting for you as it is an additional income and also another project which you may feel challenged by. New clients although exciting, must be taken seriously and with precaution because you will never know what might happen in the future between you and your client that might even affect your business together.

Asking questions before accepting a certain person or company as your client is something you should not be afraid of doing as it does benefit you in the long run. Although it may be a bit bothering at first, it does work well in the long run and your client will understand. In fact, asking your client certain questions puts you at a good spot because you care about your relationship and therefore are setting the terms for both of you.

Let us divide the questions into a few parts to be sure that you will not get confused.

Client’s business information

Getting the information about a client’s business is the very basic set of questions you need to ask maybe even before striking a deal. A client’s information is necessary because it dictates your work in a very heavy way.


  • Which actions are most important?


Free trials, webinar sign ups, newsletter sign ups, or any others. Specify which actions do they want done more importantly than others. Eliminate the actions that they do not think are of any interest to them unless those actions are absolutely necessary.


  • Specific level of importance on site activities


Once they have given you a list of the important actions to be done on their site, let them proceed to rate each action in terms of importance. Knowing which actions are more important than others allows you to give more focus on the certain actions that your client wants. This also helps you design and prioritize actions on the website in a way pleasing to the client.


  • Who’s your target audience, target market, or target customer?


Knowing your client’s target audience, target market, or target customer helps you know how to design the website in a way that is automatically attractive to the client’s target audience, target market, or target customer.


  • List specific sectors to be targeted


Work with your client in listing certain sectors of the society that are in line with your target audience, target market, or target customer which you can directly target and would save you the additional expenses of redirecting your focus later on.


  • Client’s unfair advantage


Here is the fun part, know your client’s unfair advantage. Talk to them thoroughly about it because this will make your clients even more happy when you are later on able to advertise and promote their unfair advantage raking in more subscribers or even customers.


  • Reasons why prospects do not choose you


Sadly, you need to know your client’s weaknesses and how to deal with them. Once you know or learn their weakness, you will be able to redesign your website in a way that covers and makes up for your client’s specific weakness or weaknesses


  • Measure your success


Ask your client how they measure success. Ask them the specific digits in which they can consider themselves successful. Once you learn how to measure success, you will be able to set a quota or a goal for yourself that will make both you and your client happy.

To be continued…