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Questions to Ask Your New SEO Client (Part 2)

As discussed in the first part of this article, there are a few things you may want to ask your new SEO client before you go into business. Why? Because it protects both of you and it will also allow you to do a much better job later on with your work.

In the first part of this article, the importance of knowing the client’s business information has been stated. Here are the questions you may have missed in the first article:


  • Which actions are important?
  • Specific level of importance on site activities
  • Who’s your target audience, target market, or target customer?
  • List specific sectors to be targeted
  • Client’s unfair advantage
  • Reasons why prospects do not choose you
  • Measure your success


The previous questions have been asked to be able to know the client’s business information and now the following questions will be more on how you and your client can function well together.

Possible Issues and Problems

Discussing the possible issues and problems before hand helps you from becoming a nervous wreck once a problem is experienced. Okay, maybe not a nervous wreck but it is definitely better to prepare for a problem before it happens before it is too late.


  • Do you think there are any problems in your current data?


Your client might already have problems existing in their current data that you might just be able to fix. Even a slight suspicion may go a long way. Ask your client if in his current website, something does not make sense. Do not forget to ask why. Check the website out and find out any problems in their current data yourself.


  • Do you own other domains?


If your client already owns other domains, you can ask them if they want you to uniform your work with the existing work or which part of their existing domains do they like and dislike as you may copy and improve the things they like and change what they dislike.


  • Does other copies of the material on your site exist?


Knowing if there are copies of the material on your client’s site exists is very important if you are to make your client distinctive and even better than their competitors.


  • Has the site been penalized


If there were any problems experienced in the past, it is a very good idea to know about that and what you can do to avoid it happening again.

Although just a few questions, these may really have a very big effect on not just your client relationship but also your work.