I’m Darrel Pontejo, a man of discipline, passion and dedication. I live my life in three different areas – An SEO Specialist, A Musician, and A Family Man. It’s not easy, and I admit, it’s goddamn hard! Soooo hard! Can’t explain it in words… So what’s my secret?

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SEO Specialist

The SEO Specialist

I never thought that I’ll turn out as a man who would spend most of his hours researching on how to rank a website, understanding the Google Analytics, doing web analysis, optimizing web pages, studying a search engine’s Algorithm, and surfacing almost every concept within the World Wide Web. This is SEO.

Becoming an SEO Guy

SEO has been stirring my curiosity for almost 4 years. I was first introduced to it in college and since then, I never stop learning anything that is SEO-grounded. The curiosity and interest I’ve felt during my early encounter with SEO is tantamount to the feelings I had when I started to become a music slave. It was unexplainable, something that suddenly attracts me and pulls me unconsciously.

Like my other life adventures, becoming an SEO specialist has been a rough road as well. I started as a Virtual assistant for a couple of times, a social media marketer, and a customer service representative, before landing to a position where I am right now – a knowledgeable SEO guy. I’m not ashamed.

The Experience

I have worked for numerous clients locally and internationally – doing countless SEO stuff to make their websites rank and become highly visible on the Web. I have also managed various Social Media accounts pertaining to various products and services both locally and globally. Aside doing SEO and Social Media Marketing, I also manage WordPress websites.

The Secret

A lot of people ask me about my SEO tactics. I can’t tell them everything because of two possible reasons. First, they might use it incorrectly and second is because there’s no constant SEO strategy – there is no such thing. What I might share to them may not work next month or even next week!

The key is to keep learning and never settle for mediocrity.