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SEO Tactics on How to Get More Organic Traffic Part 2

Organic traffic as mentioned in the first part of this article is something you would want to achieve as an SEO (search engine optimization) user. Although it may be a bit hard to achieve organic traffic at first, there are actually a few tips or tricks to make your site more organically attractive.

These tips were mentioned in the first part of this article:

  • Changing your URL structure

Changing your URL by sequencing the importance of different pages of your website allows search engines to understand your website better and becoming able to display it in just the way it is structured.

  • Getting rid of low quality/low traffic pages

Getting rid of unwanted material that drags you down allows you a cleaner, simplified, and understandable website that is sure to keep your audience interested.

Here are examples of those possible pages

    1. No relevance
    2. Mergeable pages
    3. Useless pages
    4. Outdated content
    5. Thin content
    6. Low-volume keyword audience

Now that we have mentioned what was discussed in the first part of this article, let us move on to different ways that can help you generate more organic traffic.

  • Page Speed

Have you ever wondered why most of the top websites are very clean, neat, and simplified? Because they want to invest in their page speed. Depending on the average connection speed of your audience. The moment you decide to avoid putting useless material that may cause your website to be slower and focus on the things that matter with still a form and sense of beautification, you will allow your audience to enjoy a simple site that does not exaggerate and gives them what they want.

Choosing the right form of image and the right amount of pixels you allow on your videos are direct factors that could either take up less or more of your page and will directly affect the page speed.

  • Internal Links

Applying internal links to your page works great in both a technical aspect and a psychological aspect. Although this may seem unimportant, doing this has a huge effect on not just your site but also your audience as well.

    • Technical

The technical effect of putting internal links on your page is that it allows the search engine to understand you even more by understanding the connection of that page towards the internal links you put making it easier for the search engine to associate certain searches towards you.

    • Psychological

Having another option to click even if it is inside the website itself creates the illusion of a different perspective, a different material, or basically a different page to click. Having this allows audience the freedom to be able to wonder but within your website itself still keeping them close to you.

These are a few tips that once put into good use may really affect your site by bringing in even more organic traffic possibly transforming your website as one of the top ranked websites on google.