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Web Design 2017: The Top Trends to Practice

Each year, website developers and professionals always look forward to the hottest trends in web design. This year is no different.

Web design 2017 trends are now here and surely business owners and industry leaders will adopt these developments. Doing so will keep web development leaders on top of the industry and website owners will gain even more traffic to their site and clients and sales, too.

Here are some of the trends in web design for this year, according to Business Zone:

Cutting Down Menu Options

In 2016, web developers started reformatting website and cut down menu options. In 2017, this practice may become a huge trend. Navigation menus with more than 5 options would be simplified to around just 3-4. This would allow website visitors to navigate through the site easier and in just a few clicks. Remember, a happy visitor translates to better traffic to the domain.

Dynamic Button for Call to Action

Call to action or CTA button is probably the most important element of a web design. At the same time, animation in websites is fast becoming one of the hottest trends. With this said, combining these two factors together would probably be the most useful change you can do for your website. An animated CTA would definitely impress visitors, which leads to a higher chance of them clicking the button.

Distinctive Images

Recent reports show that websites use stock images a whole lot lesser compared to a few years ago. This is mainly because of the fact that online users are now more fascinated with distinctive designs. As a result, we can expect for more web developers to use original images to keep guests interested and keep coming back to the page.

In addition to this, hand-drawn images would take flight in the web design industry this year. Nothing can make a website more exclusive than personalized drawings.

Dominance of Responsive Web Design

Responsive design will remain as one of the biggest trends in web design this year. This is mainly due to its functionality. This type of design allows website to be compatible with all kinds of devices. For this reason, it would seem that responsive design is here to stay.

Less Significance of the Homepage

This doesn’t mean that homepage will become obsolete. However, in 2017, web designers and owners would give more significance to landing pages, which are more valuable to the page’s marketing. Homepage will continue to be designed since it is still vital to the entire website. It would just take the backseat to give way to pages that bring more profit to the business.

Giving Importance to Overlaps and Overlays

Since 2016, this trend has become popular. Its status continues to this year. This is thanks to the fact that gradients and overlays help grab the visitors’ attention to the parts where developers and owners want people to see first.

Highlighting Content

Content is huge part of getting a great rank in search engines. This is why more and more website owners and designers would give emphasis to this element this year. Aesthetic trends may be excellent for sites but content remains as the king in web design. Therefore, expect this approach to become even more popular and vital for years and years to come.

Now that you know these web design 2017 trends, start applying them to your site to propel your business to the top.

Tips to Secure a Web Development Job – Junior Web Developer

Being a junior web developer may be more challenging compared to pros in the business. However, you can still gain clients or be employed by a company.

This particular industry is as cutthroat as it can get given its popularity these days. Nevertheless, many still pursue a web development job. If you’re a starting web developer and a little confused on the first step to take, here are helpful tips that can help you land your first employment.

Portfolio Site

The keyword here is ‘site.’ Since you’re getting in the IT industry, it is crucial that the portfolio you’re building is posted in your own website. Whether it’s a full .com site or simply a WordPress blog, a catalogue of your work should be seen on the internet.

When building your portfolio, it should be a reflection of your skills and traits. This is the initial element possible clients and employers look for in a junior web developer.

Posting Previous Projects

Companies and clients love to see previous work done. This is why the experts in web development keep getting more job offers.

If you think a junior web developer doesn’t stand a chance in this certain matter, think again. Surely, when you were still studying in this said field, you may have done some work. You can make these projects your starting point.

Remember that stuffing your site with previous assignments can take some time, so you need some patience. At the same time, you can do freelance projects so you can add these to your catalogue of works. Volunteer to do a web development project for someone you know. This way, you’re not just rounding out your folio, you’re also improving your work experience.

Github Account

If you’re looking to secure a job in an established web development company, you should create an account on Github. This is an industry’s standard for version control.

If you have an account on this site, regardless if you’re simply a junior web developer, companies will get the idea that you’re skillful in using the tool. This means you’re making a good impression.

After creating a Github account, post your best code in your site. This is to prove your expertise. On the other hand, this doesn’t end with creation. Do regular updates so that people viewing it will know that you’re always working to improve your craft.

Open Source Project

Another great way to pack your portfolio with credentials is to lend a hand in open source projects. This is especially helpful if most of your posted previous works are from class and mock projects.

Engaging in open source projects boosts your teamwork credentials. This is an important factor if you’re looking to land a job in a company. Github posts open source projects you can look into and  participate in.

Constant Learning

Learning doesn’t stop once you finish your course. Many clients and employers appreciate it if you continually learn new tricks in the industry. If you do this, it wouldn’t matter much if you’re just a junior web developer.

You can participate in web conferences or seminars that tackle IT subjects. You also need to constantly read on the latest in the web development world. Read blogs. Join free courses. Participate in anything that you know can enhance your IT skills.

Doing these things will let possible clients and employers know that you’re truly enthusiastic and passionate in the industry you’re delving into. With these tips, you’re on your way to securing your dream web development job.