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The Value of Your SEO Content

The value or worth of your SEO content depending on google can actually be very different from the quality of your content. Writing a blog by putting words together is easy but to create a quality SEO content, you might have to dig a little deeper than that. The quality of your content does matter, but there are also things you have to look out for if you want to have a quality SEO content.

Creating your SEO content can be considered as one of the hardest things to do and although it may be complicated, it is still not impossible. Now, how does google determine high-quality content? Well, google has two ways to determine if the content is of high quality and the first one is to look at the behavior and actions happening on the page like for example, the amount of time people dwell on the page and the average time they do. The second one would be the raters. Google hires people to check up on certain sites to see and rate for themselves if the content is true of high quality.

One thing that normal blogs do not have which is the reason why SEO is so important is the use of a keyword or keywords. Being aware of which keywords you are actually optimizing before you start is something you would want to do because when you start writing, you should focus on your keyword or keywords to make sure that it is noticed. Keywords have competitions and picking your battles correctly allows your website to grow and become more noticed. Some keywords have high competitions and others have low competitions but what you wanna do is assess yourself if your website is ready to battle at either a low competition or a high competition keyword. Sometimes SEO users seem to get lost when it comes to picking their keywords as they start to use keywords that do not have that much relevance to the actual content. Stay away from keywords which have different intent and although it could mean the same, look at it from a buyer’s point of view.

Make use of your headline! The headline is the first thing that people see and if you do not make use of it, you lose the chance to make a better impression. Although you are limited to 65 characters, putting a keyword into your headline is something you would want to do as doing this allows Google to notice you and depending on how noticeable you are, who knows, this could be a reason why you would rank up.

The value of the SEO content of your site depends entirely on you as there are more things to look at rather than just the quality of the content. Although the quality of the content is still very important, missing out the other details will just leave the content unnoticeable.