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How to Land Clients in the Web Development Industry

Your success in the website development business is a mix of both your technical skills and customer-relations qualities. Although the success of a project runs high on your ability to produce excellent results, customers also gravitate to you more if you know have exceptional personal attributes.

In the web development industry, you have the opportunity to create designs and bring them to life. Through this, you can reach a vast audience through the internet. At the same time, you also work closely with your clients and make sure that all their ideas are taken into account.

To ensure that you don’t turn away your possible and current clients, you need to have the following non-skills qualities:


Competence in the website development business is highly desired but not sufficient to acquire clients, especially if you’re working freelance. You may be a service provider employed to develop a website, but remember that you’re also an associate. With your skills, you deliver the clients’ concepts into life. Your dependability, on the other hand, makes you see the project through to the end.

Developing a website is not a one-week job especially if the project specifics are elaborate. Because of this, you have to work with the clients for a long time. As such, you need to earn their trust. If you do so, your relationship with them will run smoothly and you become more self-assured with your project decisions.


Being passionate in the job, regardless of the industry you’re in, brings about success. Without enthusiasm for the web development business, work morals and traits become askew. This is when things can start going haywire.

Clients can be very intuitive and if they sense that you’re not passionate, you may end up not having recommendations from them. You know what this means. No additional projects equal no profit. So, you may end up broke and be out of business in no time.

Good Track Record

People, who are looking for web developers, always hire those with stellar previous work experience. In the web development business, your sample portfolio means nothing if you haven’t worked with real clients. This is especially true for web guys, who have been in the industry for some time already.

Truth is not having a good track record is a red flag for potential clients. Some might end up thinking you have stinking work ethics if you have excellent talent but haven’t actually worked with anyone yet. In addition, if you have previously worked with other people, be prepared if the prospective clients ask for a list of previous jobs. When this happens, it means that they will do a background check on you.

Collaboration Skills

As what was previously mentioned, being in the web development business means working with other people. In some situations, meeting with clients are regular. Because of this, you should have great collaboration and communication skills.

For instance, the clients have concerns about where the design is going. The only way for you to understand their inquiries and for them to comprehend your clarifications is if you can get your points across clearly. Better communication equals happy clients.

If you possess the intrinsic traits to be in the web development industry, couple this with competent web developer skills, your clients are sure to stay. Plus, more people may end up hiring you for web design projects in the future.

Meta description: Being in the web development industry requires technical skills. However, it also requires intrinsic traits. Read these qualities and here.